Treningspatron m/Laser, .223 REM

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Laser training cartridge for Rem .223. The red lasers flashes briefly when firing pin strikes the rear rubber cap on the cartridge. Perfect for dry-fire training!

The rear rubber cap is an item that eventually wears out. The number of impacts it can withstand varies from weapon to weapon, but we have tested these for up to 300 impacts without issues.

While competitor products will charge you extra for spare rear caps, we include TWO extra rear caps in this kit as well as extra O-rings. Additionally, we include 9x LR626 batteries (packed 3-by-3) for you to enjoy hours and hours of dry-fire practice! 

As the laser only flashes upon trigger pin impact, we do not recommend this item to be used as a bore sight. Also not that during repeated dry-firing you may experience the laser direction shifting by a few degrees. This is due to the O-rings keeping the cartridge in the chamber (i.e. its not metal-to-metal). This is for the protection of your firearm! We include extra O-rings with the kit and high recommend replacing these as soon as installed O-rings wear out.

Kit includes

  • 1x Laser cartridge
  • 2x Spare rear caps
  • 2x Spare rear cap rubber buttons
  • 9x LR626 batteries
  • 4x spare O-rings
  • Install tool
  • Convenient metal box for protection and easy carry


.223 REM
Laser wavelength 650nm (Red)
Output power < 5MW
Beam centering <+/- 0.3 degrees
Spot size 10 meters < 20mm
Calibration distance 0 - 100m
Power source 3x LR626
Housing Brass
Weight 12 g
Dimensions (mm) 9.8D x 44.3L

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