Real Avid Handgun Master Cleaning Station

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Upgrade your handgun cleaning experience with the Master Cleaning Station from Real Avid. Designed for comprehensive cleaning of .22 / 9mm / .357 / .38 / .40 / .45 caliber handguns. It combines a cleaning mat with an intelligently designed cleaning kit filled with an extensive set of handgun specific cleaning tools. It keeps easy-to-lose gun parts organized while you work. It provides a huge work area for a completely disassembled gun yet rolls up for compact storage in the included bag.

  • GUN CLEANING SOLUTION LIKE NO OTHER: professional handgun cleaning kit integrated with a protective gun cleaning mat; two essential accessories for gun cleaning incorporated in one system
  • Say goodbye to messy, frustrating cleaning chore – experience convenience of tools invented to enjoy gun ownership
  • CLEANING KIT: premium quality, specialized tools to clean variety of handguns
  • Brass cleaning rod with ergonomic, multi-function T-handle which doubles as tap-hammer to help removing pins
  • Tools for comprehensive handgun cleaning: phosphor bronze brushes, jags, slotted tips for patches to fit .22cal, 9mm, .38cal, .357cal, .40cal, .41cal, .44cal, .45cal handguns
  • Purposefully contoured brushes and non-marring, carbon scraping picks to efficiently detail the gun and thoroughly clean hard-to-reach areas
  • FUNCTIONAL CASE holds the tools well organized, easily accessible and prevents you from loosing or misplacing tools as you work

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