Real Avid AR-15 Carbon Boss

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The Real Avid AR15 Carbon Boss ensures that AR owners can keep their guns in peak condition, allowing them to go after carbon buildup in ways never before possible. The Real Avid AR15 Carbon Boss includes 12 different surfaces that are precisely designed to clean carbon off different parts of an AR bolt-carrier group. Cleans inside and outside of bolt tail Designed for use with both large and small diameter firing pins Features scrapers for firing pin neck, bolt face, bolt lug, bolt carrier and bolt cam pin Includes bronze cleaning brush The Real Avid AR15 Carbon Boss also features a pin punch and cotter-in puller and comes with a nylon storage pouch.

  • 16-in-1 multitool to scrape and eliminate carbon fouling from multiple surfaces, including bolt and bolt carrier group
  • 12 precision cut non-hardened surfaces scrape all 4 major parts of the bolt without marring or scratching
  • Replaceable, nylon/phosphor bronze detailing brush, 360 degree phosphor bronze brush, cotter pin puller, and a pin punch
  • One-handed access to all the tools
  • Ballistic nylon protective sheath with carry strap provides for easy transport to the field, the range, or at the workbench


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