Quick Deploy Front/Rear Flip-Up Sights

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Lynxgear Quick Deploy Front/Rear Flip-Up Backup Sights, engineered for lasting durability and reliable performance. Crafted from rugged fiber-reinforced polymer, these sights ensure a comfortable sight picture for shooters.

Both front and rear sight feature a spring-loaded flip-up design, activated by a quick deploy finger operated lever on both sides, allowing for quick and easy deployment. Simply push, and sight deploys. To retract the sight, the sights are pushed back down to a locking position.

Boths sights are fully adjustable, with metal screws and front-sight post in metal. The sights are compatible with any Picatinny rail.

When combined, the Quick Deploy Front/Rear Backup Sights adds an extra layer of capability for critical situations.

The cost-effective, lightweight, and durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction makes these sights a practical choice. Each sight occupies a single slot on a Picatinny rail and securely clamps into place using an Allen head steel screw.


  • Spring loaded design
  • Finger operated automatic Quick Deploy. No more pushing backup sights into position!
  • Adjustable front and rear sight
  • Front sight post in metal
  • No tools required for quick and easy elevation and wind adjustments
  • Durable fiberglass reinforced polymer construction


Weight, front/rear (g) 31/34
Width, front/rear (mm) 33/34
Height, front/rear (mm) 15/17
Length, front/rear (mm) 67/67
Height Deployed, , front/rear (mm) 43/42

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