QD 2 Point Sling

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Tacticon QD 2 Point Rifle Slings are made with an overabundance of material with the intention of the shooter cutting and burning the excess off once the rifle sling is adjusted to size.

Our QD 2 point sling is ideal for any rifle and is a true fan-favorite for rifles such as the AR 15.

Tacticons sling is fully adjustable from a fully extended 178 cm length down to any size the user desires. Instructions to do this are included with every unit. Once the unit has been adjusted the shooter can still extend the sling temporarily when needed up to 10 cm due to the built-in elastic band in each sling.

When the rifle is shouldered, the elastic within the sling will stretch to assist the butt stock to maintain positive contact with the body.

Additionally, the Tacticon 2 Point QD Rifle Sling weights only 220 grams and is available in three colors. 

2-point rifle sling with QD attachments
Made from high quality Cordura nylon
Easily adjustable
Will fit any rifle
Comes with oversized length to fit any body type and any firearm
*Simply cut and burn the end once you have found desired length

220 g (with QD mounts)

178 cm (70″; at full length)

Tacticon Armament

Tacticon Armament spesialiserer seg på komfortabelt, effektivt og pålitelig taktisk tilbehør for sportsskyting og Mil-Sim. Tacticon tilbyr en nøye utvalgt kombinasjon av originale patenterte produkter og taktisk utstyr som rødpunktsikter, bæresystemer, lommelykter, våpenslynger og mer. Tacticon Armament utvider og forbedrer sitt sortiment kontinuerlig og fortsetter å innovere for å sikre at de forblir det beste valget for alle som trenger taktisk utstyr.

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