L-Line Hylster

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Size: L2 - Sig P250/P20; Springfield XD/XDM/Mod2
Side: Right Hand
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The Comp-Tac® L-Line™ Holster is another intuitive addition to the already substantial lineup of holsters offered. This all-Kydex® pancake style, modular holster will fit multiple firearms with several mounted light attachment options. This holster accommodates the weapon mounted light user to help fit the wants and needs of many with one solution.

The L-Line Holster was tested with the following:

  1. Surefire XC-1
  2. Crimson Trace 201/206
  3. TruGlo Micro Tac
  4. Lasermax Micro

The holster may fit additional lights with no dimensions greater than 1.1” wide, .75” tall and 2.4” long.

L-Line™ Holster Features

  • Modular design allows one holster to be used with multiple firearms and lights
  • Adjustable mounting clips can be either 1.75" or 1.5" if you remove the insert.
  • All-Kydex® construction for a smooth-fast draw and easy re-holster even when worn IWB
  • Open-ended to allow multiple firearm lengths or threaded barrel use
  • Tall Sight Channel- Holster designed to accommodate up to .5” tall front sights
  • Optics Ready - designed to accommodate most slide mounted red-dot optics
  • Retention Adjustment screw allows for user to choose retention tightness
  • Available in right and left hand

The L-Line™ Holster is an all-Kydex®, pancake style, modular holster that will fit multiple firearms WITH multiple firearm mounted lights attached. This holster will accommodate a variety of "medium" size lights to help customer's wants and needs.

Lights tested with the L-Line™ Holster include: Surefire XC-1, Crimson Trace 201/ 206, TruGlo Micro Tac, Lasermax Micro. Holster may work with additional lights with dimensions no greater than: 1.1" wide, .75" tall and 2.4" long.

Compatibility Chart

Lights/Lasers Surefire XC-1, Crimson Trace 201/206, TruGlo Micro Tac, Lasermax Micro
L1 S&W M&P 9/40/45 All lengths
Walther PPQ/M2 9/40 All lengths

L2 SigSauger P250/320 9/40/45 Compact/ Full-size
XDM 9/40/45  All lengths
XD 9/40/45  All lengths
XD Mod2 9/40/45  All lengths
L3 Glock Gen 1-4 17/19/22/23/34/35/41
L4 CZ P-01
CZ SP-01 Shadow/ Tactical
L5 H&K P30, P30L
H&K 45, 45C
L6 1911

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