DAA Magnetic Powder Check 2.0

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The DAA Magnetic Powder Check 2.0 (US Pat. Pending) enhances the safety and quality of reloaded ammunition on progressive reloading machines. Its innovative design incorporates a Reed Sensor and magnet on the plunger rod to determine the charge height accurately.

In version 2.0, the Sensitivity Adjustability feature has been replaced with a fixed position Reed sensor on a custom PCB board, ensuring a consistent height variance of 2.0-2.5mm for reliable performance. All components are now PCB-mounted, enhancing durability.

Another improvement is the replacement of the polymer shoe with a brass CNC machined part on the plunger rod, reducing static electricity and preventing powder displacement.

Installation is straightforward, as the DAA Magnetic Powder Check 2.0 screws into a standard die thread without requiring additional drilling on the tool head. It can be used on any progressive reloader with an available station after the powder drop. If you do not currently have an available station, you may need to combine your seating and crimping into one station using a 2-in-1 seat/crimp die

Activation occurs off the top rim of the case, ensuring no false alarms due to the absence of a case. The plunger, equipped with a brass shoe, detects powder levels and triggers both an audible beep and a bright red LED light for alerts.

Included is a short plunger for rifle ammo, with parts suitable for pistol ammo (9mm and up) and rifle from .223 and larger. Its compact, modern design, ease of setup, and adjustability make it an ideal toolhead accessory.

Summary of features and advantages:

  • Can be used on all toolheads, does not require a dedicated hole near station.
  • Assembles onto any 7/8-14 station
  • Provides both an audible AND a visual alarms
  • Acceptance range of powder level is approx. 2.0-2.5mm. Easily enough to trigger an alarm in case of a double-charge or no-charge situation.
  • Includes all parts for both rifle and pistol use
  • Activates off the rim of the case, so no alarm sound when no brass is present
  • Slim and compact design
  • Quality materials. Stainless Steel Rod, Brass shoe, with an aluminum red anodized die body. Rubber coated glass-fiber reinforced nylon for electronic housing
  • Custom PCB board for all electronic parts ensures reliability and longevity

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