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Size: #1 - 1911 9mm/.40/.45 Single Stack; Kahr; Springfield XD-S; Sig220
Style: Høyrehendt skytter
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Tri-Mag Pouch fra Comp-Tac er et trippelt kydex magasinhylster med doble pass-through fester for belter opp til 45 mm høyde. Magasinhylsteret sparer deg plass på beltet ved at de 3 holderene sitter tett sammen. Tri-Mag Pouch er tilgjengelig for en rekke håndvåpen magasiner, er glatt på innsiden for raske trekk og med mulighet for å justering av vinkel og hvor fast magasinene sitter.

Tri-Mag Pouch er kompatibelt med belter opp til 45mm høyde, inkludert DAA Premium konkurranse belte. Hylsteret kan også brukes i kombinasjon med vanlig buksebelte.

Beskrivelse fra produsent

The shooter's workspace is vital during a reload. Whether in competition, training or critical incident, the Comp-Tac® Tri-Mag is built to shave seconds off reload time. The clean, comfortable design is a simple way to carry three magazines on the body.

With flared openings and the option to cant magazines for ease of access, the Tri-Mag is superior in every way. Each magazine pouch offers individual retention adjustment, and provides the flexibility and speed you desire in this piece of equipment. 

The Comp-Tac® Tri-Mag Pouch was designed with input by Rob, Leatham, a professional shooter with more than 40 years of experience.

Key Features of the Tri-Mag

  • 3 pouch design
  • Mount Plate attaches to belt with two enclosed belt clips
  • Belt Clips hold 1.5" or 1.75" Belts
  • Mount Platform ride height adjustable
  • Pouches are Flared at the top for easy magazine insertion
  • Pouches are “open” allowing flexibility during deployment even if mag is twisted
  • Each individual pouch is retention adjustable
  • 40° cant adjustment, cant forward or rearward 20°
  • All Kydex Design
  • Standard with logo, or Slick no logo design available
  • Available in Right and Left Hand

Size selection table

Make Model Size Make Model Size
1911 9mm/.40/.45 Single Stack 1 Kahr P45 1
Arsenal Strike 1/Strike or Type B 11 Kahr PM45 1
Beretta 92/96/M9 11 Kimber .45 Single Stack 1
Browning Hi-Power 9mm/.40 11 Masada ORP 12
Canik TP9 11 Masada ORP Tactical 12
Canik TP9-SFx 11 Ruger Max 9 11
Colt .45 Single Stack 1 Ruger SR9 12
CZ 75/85 11 S&W M&P 9mm/.40/.357 12
CZ P-01/SP-01/Tactical 21 Sig 1911 GSR 1
CZ P-07/P-09 12 Sig P220 1
CZ Shadow 2 21 Sig P226 .40/.357 11
FMK 9C1G2 11 Sig P226/P229 9mm 11
FN 509 4 Sig P228 12
Glock .45 Gap 4 Sig P229 .40/.357 12
Glock Double Stack 9mm/.40/.357 4 Sig P320 X-Five 12
HK P2000/P2000SK 23 Sig P320/P250 9mm/.40 12
HK P30/P30L 23 Sig P365/P365XL 11
HK USP Compact .40 Steel 23 Springfield Hellcat/OSP 11
HK USP Compact 9mm Steel 23 Springfield XD 9mm/.40 11
HK USP Full Size .40 Steel 23 Springfield XD-S .45 1
HK USP Full Size 9mm Steel 23 Walther Creed 23
HK VP40 23 Walther PDP 11
HK VP9 23 Walther PPQ 9mm/.40 11
HK VP9SK 23 Walther Q5 Match Steel Frame 11
Kahr CW 45 1 Wilson Combat EDC X9 11
Kahr K 45 1 Wilson Combat EDC X9L 11
Kahr MK 45 1      


Founded in 2001 Comp-Tac Holsters is a renowned manufacturer of top-quality holsters and accessories for firearms. Comp-Tac has quickly established itself as a trusted and innovative brand among gun enthusiasts and professionals alike. Comp-Tac offers a wide range of holsters, including concealed carry holsters, competition holsters, and duty holsters, all designed to meet the needs of different users. They also offer a selection of belts, magazine pouches, and other accessories to complement their holster line. Whether you are a casual gun owner or a law enforcement officer, Comp-Tac Holsters has a product that will suit your needs.

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