SafeHouse Weapons and Pistol Cabinet

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The SafeHouse gun cabinet is a new and unique type of security cabinet designed for storing all types of weapons and valuables in your home. SafeHouse stands out as a quality product with innovative design and advanced technical solutions.

It is specifically designed to secure handguns and vital firearm components.The cabinet is compact and can be conveniently placed, featuring an easy-to-use vertical sliding door that is spring-loaded for smooth opening and closing.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Norway, this gun cabinet ensures high quality and security (FG-approved). Despite its robustness, it only weighs 19 kg, making it a sleek and elegant solution that easily fits into any home environment, whether it's in the living room, storage room, or closet.

SafeHouse is quickly and easily mounted on the wall and comes with a shelf, screws for wall installation, and two keys. The interior of the cabinet offers ample space for storing up to 4 handguns, or vital firearm components of multiples rifles such as receivers, uppers, lowers.

Included equipment

  • Shelf
  • Screws for wall mounting
  • 2 keys

External dimensions

42 cm
25 cm
20 cm
19 kg


Internal dimensions

40 cm
24 cm
18 cm

Raufoss Engineering

Raufoss Engineering is a leading supplier of gun safes and firearm security solutions in Norway. In addition to producing gun safes for hunters and shooters, they work with storage and security of firearms for professional entities both domestically and internationally. Raufoss Engineering takes on development projects for industrial clients within mechanical/plate-based structures, security products, and plastic construction.

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