DAA Magnet with M5 screw for Alpha-Xi/X & Race Master pouch

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Due to popular demand we are now pleased to offer you the DAA Super-Strong magnets, sold separately, for mounting on the DAA Alpha-Xi / Alpha-X / Race Master pouches, or any other type of base you care to use them on.

These Zinc plated magnets are incredibly strong, offering approx. 87kg of pull strength. With these magnets, you can slap on that magazine quickly and confidently and know that it will not fall off as you move. The magnets measure almost 50mm in diameter, and are 12mm thick (with their casing).

Fitting to an Alpha-Xi / Alpha-X / Race Master Pouch:
In the front of the pouch there is a 4.2mm hole, which can be used to attach the magnet to the pouch body. You will need to tap (thread) this hole using an M5 Tap. Do it carefully and slowly as the thread needs to be precise, as there is only a 2.5mm side wall to work with. once done, simply screw the magnet directly onto the front of your leading pouch. We suggest using a little LockTite on it, to keep the screw from opening.

Do not worry if the tip of the screw protrudes slightly into the pouch body - the magazine does not reach down far enough to hit it.


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