S&W Revolver Dovetail Mount for Trijicon RMR/SRO, Holosun 407c/507c

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S&W revolver dovetail red dot sight mount for red dot sights with the Trijicon RMR/SRO footprint, such as Holosun 407c/507c and many more. Mounting hardware is included.

This mount fits (including but not limited to)

  • Smith & Wesson K Frame Revolvers
  • Smith & Wesson L Frame Revolvers
  • Smith & Wesson N Frame Revolvers
  • Smith & Wesson X Frame Revolvers

If your revolver is not drilled and tapped this mount will not work. The best way to verify that it is/is not drilled and tapped is to open the cylinder and check the rib underneath. There should be through holes that are drilled and tapped. If there are not (like the above image) this mount will not work without you having the gun drilled and tapped. You can have a competent and qualified gunsmith drill and tap the top strap with the standard S&W hole pattern which will allow you to use our mount.

Material: 7075 Aluminum
Coating: Matte Black Hardcoat
Overall Length: 1.780"
Overall Width: 1.1"
Mounting Hardware: (2) 6-32 Flat Head Screws, (1) 6-32 X 3/16 Set Screw

    EGW red dot mounts are meant to be installed from the left to the right (with the muzzle facing forward). The dovetail has a progressive taper to allow for easier install.

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