Max IDPA Holster by DAA

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Color: Black
Style: CZ Shadow / SP01 / 75 / Tan Stock II
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A true innovation in holster design, the DAA MAX IDPA Holster is the result of decades of competition experience and over a year of development. We set out with the goal of creating the best possible Closed Body Competition holster, one that would meet the legal requirements of all USPSA divisions without compromising adjustability or performance. 

And we are pleased to also offer this IDPA compatible version, with a simplified more compact and inexpensive hanger system, which also makes this holster suitable for every day carry, service or IDPA competition use.

The Hanger of the DAA MAX IDPA Holster is made of Glass-fiber reinforced polymer for strength and durability. It includes two spacers making it compatible with belts ranging from 1.5-2.0 inches in width. These two belt spacers can both be positioned above or below the belt, or split – thereby creating some height adjustability for the holster/pistol position.

4 screws securely connect the hanger to the holster body enable angle adjustment for personal preference.

The Retention adjustment on the DAA MAX IDPA Holster is truly innovative. 

Most closed-body holsters press down onto the gun to adjust retention. This solution is simple but not ideal as it quickly leads to wear marks on the pistol and often does not allow for enough “middle of range” retention adjustability. Those holsters are often either too loose or too tight…

The DAA MAX IDPA Holster utilizes a completely different solution: The injection molded holster body does not clamp down onto the pistol, rather fitting around it with minimum clearance. Retention is achieved using spring loaded, fully adjustable roller clippers which engages onto the front end of the trigger guard. These secure the gun and providing the user a wide range of tension adjustment. In the IDPA version, the adjustment requires the use of a flat head screwdriver or coin.

The DAA MAX IDPA Holster is available for an assortment of popular guns and in several colors. Currently for Right Hand shooters only. Additional models will be added.

The CZ model is designed for the Shadow2, but also work perfectly for the SP01, TS2 and most other CZ model pistols. It is also a perfect fit for the Tanfoglio Stock-II.

The Tanfoglio Stock-III model is in fact a modified CZ body, which has been adapted to fit the Stock-III slightly taller slide/tactical rail.

The Glock model is modeled for the G34 Gen 5, but works great with all Glocks we tried including the MOS 41.

The SIG P320 model fits all the P320’s: The P320 MAX, P320 X5/Legion, P320RXP P320 XFULL and so on.

Double Alpha Academy

Double Alpha Academy er en ledende leverandør av utstyr for konkurranseskyting. Siden 2002 har selskapet raskt blitt et anerkjent merke blant konkurranseskyttere over hele verden. Deres produktlinje inkluderer hylster, magasinholdere, belter og andre tilbehør designet for å hjelpe skyttere å yte mer på skytebanen. Med en forpliktelse til kvalitet og kundetilfredshet, fortsetter Double Alpha Academy å innovere og utvide produkttilbudet sitt for å møte de stadig skiftende behovene til dynamisk skyttere.

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torbjørn indrelid
Veldig bra hylster!

Hylsteret passer perfekt til glock 17 gen 4.
Hylsteret kan enkelt justeres.
Kjøpte også DAA premium belt, hylsteret kan være vanskelig å få inn på beltet, men til gjengjeld sitter det som støpt når det er på plass. Mulig det glir lettere på viss man presser det inn fra «slutten» på beltet. Alt i alt veldig godt fornøyd med hylsteret og leveringstid!

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