Visiting Norway?

If you are temporarily visiting Norway, you can shop Tax Free in our webstore and save 25% on all firarms and hunting accessories!

We have many products that should interest tourists and visitors including optics, accessories, suppressors and much more!

By shopping Tax Free, you save 25% off our listed prices on all products in our webshop! (on orders of minimum 1000 NOK total value)


  1. Purchase products through our webstore. You will be charged Sales Tax at the time of purchase.
  2. If you will exit Norway within 1 month of purchase*, request an Export Form (along with the order or request the form by email)
  3. We will send the Export Form along with your order (must be to an address in Norway**; we can also send the form later, to the same or different address)
  4. At the time of exit from Norway, you need to present the Export Form, receipt and products to the Customs Authority (airport/ferry terminal/land crossing)   
  5. When back home abroad, return the form to us by letter or email NO LATER than 2 weeks after your exit from Norway.
  6. We will refund your VAT by bank transfer to any country in the world (less a 50 NOK transfer fee).  

* Note: You must exit Norway within 1 month to request a Sales Tax/VAT/MVA refund!

** If you are unable to have the products shipped to a temporary address in Norway, you can alternatively request a Pickup at our retail outlet in Stavanger. You can make this request at checkout.